"Do you have any special plans with someone for the season, Detective?"

"Oh… Y-yeah! I made tons of plans… with people."


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"N-naoto-kun...! You smoke?! That's such a nasty habit. What do you think Kanji would say about that?" -Rise

"It’s not like I do it that often."

"Hang on, what does Kanji-kun have anything to do with the decisions I make?"

So as a personal who is more comfortable or at least prefers to dress in mens clothes but HAS worn womens clothes is it really true that men's clothes are that much more comfortable? I mean yeah we have pockets and such but is the difference really that great?

"It really depends on the person."

I’m personally uncomfortable with wearing clothing such as skirts.”

"Others might prefer wearing skirts to pants."

I haven't noticed that ring before, Detective. Are you engaged?

"Of course not!"

"That’s it. I’m making this into a necklace."

Naoto, do you smoke cigarettes?

"On occasion." 

"What does Naoto-kun want for Christmas?"


"That’s a good question."

"Perhaps…. something handy?"

Where did your hat go? Did you lose it...?

"It’s on my hat rack."

"I don’t usually wear my hat when I am relaxing at home."


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